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Calm down rlRed Dragon I misclicked
If I'm the one that needs improvement then why is it that you're the bag that hides behind other tanks to shoot much lower wonder why you can't move on top 10

- Posted by waR COFFEE

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Flop!long time no see my friend.You are missed on the field. No worries about that post;must have been purely coincidental.You and I were fending off a blue raid. You up and quit unexpectedly and then blue 'Challenger Deep' came in and ended up getting the kill on me. I thought you flip flopped(no pun intended..ha) to get a kill/promo. My apologies.
You are not missing much this season. Voltaic has and continues to completely ruin the season and the game when he's on the field.....

- Posted by CKPA2020

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Osama, the commitment to tom transcends our loyalties in game. Every single ounce of my time on this game will now be used to protect tom.
Bricks, beethoven was a master musician before he went deaf. You still have time to apologize for your insolence
Dr Hibbert, very fair! I forgot to add you on there. I have not played with many of the "legends" you mentioned lately to put them on the list. And some I have not played with enough, like Corpse.
In the case of One Hit,

- Posted by JamesChen

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p2 I have played with One hit enough to know that he is just plain bad and there is nothing really you can teach him for him to improve. He is maxed out at such a low level that it truly makes me sad and pity him badly. He really should just sell his tank and let someone with skill carry his misplaced name.
Or change his name to One Hitta Quitta but he quits as soon as he gets hit by more than 1 tank. Truly a pity and a loser.

- Posted by JamesChen