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lol truth. you have to go to the contact section and submit under Defender of the Truth category.

- Posted by Globe Master

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It is 1,000 hours for a broken sword. Good luck.

- Posted by Skullcruncher

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Yeah! I didn't see that the name was taken. I had this name for a short time a long while ago, when I played on Bonus.
I made "God" then checked the leaderboards to make sure I wasn't duplicating another player's main or whatever. It appeared to be open, so I kept it and leveled it.
I returned about a week and a half ago.
My main is Truth.
I'm totally new to the community here, so I don't really know anyone yet. Who is your main?

- Posted by God

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I am a returning player.
The changes to this game, although minimal, have all been great. Still, I wonder why in the world this hasn't been turned into a mobile app.
Perhaps we should work together to figure out how to optimize it for phone. It seems like a lot of work, but I don't think I'm alone when I say that I'd love to see this classic game as an app---in app purchases and all.
I assume this has been suggested before. So, what are the main reasons why this isn't being done?

- Posted by Truth

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My main is CID! And I have a similiar situation played WAY back on bonus & battefield. And it's kind of interesting how you can have multiple tanks with the exact same name so you can see multiple God's in game or whatever. That's one of the reasons why I thought playing together would be cool. Anyway good to see you on and welcome back!

- Posted by God


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lol Next time change to the account that you are pretending not to be by talking to yourself before msging yourself

- Posted by Destiny

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thats not gonna work

- Posted by EPIC 7