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LMAO @ the four scrub a dubb dummies taking time out of there pathetic and lonesome days to comment about me on bulletin boad, create tanks with my name in it etc. Each one of you sounds like a jealous housewife, Git Gud r00ki3s

- Posted by CHEckmATe

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Chilling like a villain 😎

- Posted by Zzzax

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Is there a Forum for this game?

- Posted by Itachi


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Checkmates mate,
1. try using a known tank name while talking shit to somebody rather than look like a straight up pu$5y hiding behind an unknown tank name...
2. re-read #1


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Checkmates mate,
1) please start using a spell check and grammar tools when you write
3) you are are horrible at tournaments
> CONFIRMED statement about you pigeons being dumber than brick....

- Posted by CHEckmATe