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Thank you to all who keep this game going. I returned just last month and its been great getting back into the swing of things. I love the new maps. See you all out there.

- Posted by Texan214

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Perhaps if people would eat a nutritious breakfast,take vitamins, and have a healthy living style that includes a daily exercise regiment they could enjoy the game as it's intended to be enjoyed rather than spewing all this word vomit daily on the bulletin board.
This message is meant solely for the purpose of inspiring positivity and sportsmanship.

- Posted by Pharmacoepidemiology


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One Noob, A Ballad
the melodious cadence
of my poetry
belies the resonating silence
of your meaningless yapping.
the lyrics of my poems
across an unending
canvas of a 2d battlefield
your armor shields
my only enemy.

- Posted by OneNoobWonder