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next year your tank will auto delete unless you donate $5000.00 to TP HQ

- Posted by ArchangeL UrieL

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True patriots (working class Americans) of TPHQ could see the humor and validity of my criticisms as valid as they point out the contradictions/corruption occurring in modern-day USA. At a minimum they were open minded enough to discuss it as freedom lovers.

Low IQ chimps like you and Gensick (really huge impotent loser) were incapable of comprehending the underlying meaning embedded in the commentary and jokes.

Maybe the liquor binges killed too many brain cells?

- Posted by AdamsDailyLiquor

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ArchangeL UrieL

If their concerns were genuine, then they stop the the Anti-Christian blasphemy, TJs Putin/stock spam, or tirades/insults made by the every other member.

The purpose of the discord is to preserve the discord, w/o clear guiding principles related to TP. It's a virtual club house to feed into admin's ego.
The fact that 1/2 of the mods don't even like the game makes me wonder what sick inner psychological reasons drive him to spend hours monitoring the server?

- Posted by GenSicksWelfareCheck