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I've Been Playing This Game On My Phone It's A Lot More Difficult To Play When You Don't Have A Computer With A Mouse... I Can Barely Land On Fuel When I'm Teleporting. Terrorism Lives On!!!

- Posted by Osama Bin Laden

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I have just read your comment from back in January.
Congrats on what silver cup and what secret is safe with you? What on earth? hahaha. Dude, you are awesome and all but believe me you could not be more wrong on both of these matters. I have only won 1 cup in this game and it is a Golden Cup which I was lucky enough to get.

- Posted by Flop

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It honestly doesn’t take a veteran to see that you aren’t loyal to your own teammates. Loyalty, my friend. THAT is how a champion is made. I don't want to play like you. I don't want to be like you. You saying we can play as a team if I apologize makes no sense. I’d be apologizing for calling you out for not being a team player in the first place. Me apologizing wouldn’t change that. So no. I won’t apologize.......

- Posted by Bricks

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......Instead, I’ll be playing as an orange team member. You keep doing your solo thing. I'll make myself a champion by being loyal to my color. In the meantime: take your lumps, get over it and maybe learn something from it.
Also. Like a deaf musician? Beethoven?!? I think you just paid One Hit Wonder a sincere compliment. He should thank you.

- Posted by Bricks

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Thanks for the heads up of why the multiple logging off and logging on. Be careful and don't get in trouble! See you on the field!

- Posted by Bricks

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- Posted by Smokescreen

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Hey Voltaic when you gonna make it to the true top 5? you gonna push for # 1? I cant wait until you pass noodle . Your the True # 1

- Posted by Smokescreen

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you forgot alot of players. maybe you talking about recent active? to be considered a legend you have to consider homer simpson, jiren, oxy, optimus prime, so many great players, these are guys who can take longer then most of us can last in the bedroom lol..

- Posted by Dr Hibbert