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-Magnificent- 6
no shot, i claimed first. youre just a follower.
I'll make sure to kill your tank 20 times so we dont match.

- Posted by CoL Cerberus

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xXxBIGBADDOGxXx sup dawg. Yep, lot's of us still do.

- Posted by - Mercury -

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Are you guys alright in here?

- Posted by Globe Master

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Chen is 100% right!
Adam is Uber toxic and is just terrible at tankpit even on his stupid scripts.
You're nothing more than a self serving idiot
Complete hack 24-7

- Posted by - Sun Spots -


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James Chen Spokesman,
Looks like SW missed an account. Babyxiangqi today in the Iceland tourney. Traded out shields with me til you were basically out while sending “congrats” “you’ve got mad skills”. Then running away no problem. Instantly reengaging with pewpewpew then performing a fake “run away” and turning the shields off to die to the guy you were supposed to (pewpewpewpew) indiscriminately dying or focused dying doesn’t matter. You’re a joke. I’ll make sure he gets that account too.

- Posted by Wade Garrett