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CID- thank you! That thing would have the pecking power of a 12 gauge shotgun. You would be surprised how many people say the latter of the two. I mean a horse sized duck...pft its practically a dragon.

- Posted by Ownzord

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(1/3) Happy to hop in and settle the Scimitar/Ashrak debate, since I'm Scimitar, lmao (main got banned from posting for cursing at Jesse James). I can indeed confirm that I am not Ashrak. I don't know Ashrak, we've never spoken, and I've hardly seen him on the field, so I'm afraid I can't really render an opinion either way on who he is or how he plays.

- Posted by KeepRunningYourMouth

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(2/3) What I can say with relative confidence is that no one in this community is going to get the last word on him on here. He will always clap back. The only way you'll get the last word on him is if he somehow falls down in front of a train (or finds another way to self-select out of the gene pool) AFTER reading the post of whoever has insulted him but BEFORE he can type a response. Because he's pretty good at policing this board regularly, the chances of this happening are slim.

- Posted by KeepRunningYourMouth

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(3/3) Some will say that his overzealous penchant for making sure he has the last word in the bulletin board section (seen by so few) of an online game (that has been largely forgotten by the passage of time) is evidence enough to render a verdict on his character (i.e. he's probably an OSPF ROUTING-level sh*thead). Again, because I have insufficient evidence to render an opinion of my own, I'll leave it to the rest of the community to make their own judgements.

- Posted by KeepRunningYourMouth

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(bonus) Finally, with regards to me and my play, opinions from the community are not being solicited at this time. I would add that a cup doesn't mean what it did back during the early days of this game. If you're f*****g blind and stupid enough to believe otherwise, I invite you to consider the very real possibility that YOU are the problem. And SHOCK, I find it hard to believe that you're running your mouth when I've obliterated you TWICE now (screenshots available upon request).

- Posted by KeepRunningYourMouth

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we need more people to play in main like lets get people taking raids ill even take raids push your tank to be the best in the world i know im gonna try

- Posted by Tankzilla69


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Calling me a coward and you are rolling around with a multicolor team in a tourney! Hypocrite much? You can't get punished if you delete the tank, so why am I going to reward you with a cup? I left cause only person doing worse in the tourney than me was YOU and your boys and I sure wasn't giving you or your orange discord homies a cup for cheating. Check the tourney results. I would have placed the same dead or alive. Do you see those two tanks right above me? Crazy coincidence!

- Posted by Sightblack


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In case you didn't notice, goldfish didn't cup either. But how are you gonna legitimately ask someone to take a 3v1 in a tourny? Calm your tits boy, it's just a game!

- Posted by Stone Cipher

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Also, SightBlack, don't be mad at Destiny. He's just mad that that you wouldn't take your loss so he could rank up and win. He gets upset if people don't play the game the way he desires. He's a poison to the game (and probably to everyone around him in real life) and part of the reason no one plays here anymore. What's really going to piss him off is that a SCIMITAR THRUST-OWNED TANK BESTED HIM FOR A CUP IN A TOURNEY (because apparently cups/specials are the only thing in life that matter).

- Posted by KeepRunningYourMouth