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Alessandro Musk,
TLDR: You realized you couldnt make it to number 1 and chickened out. Its ok pal, failure is nothing to be ashamed of. Theres no need to try to justify your shortcomings.

- Posted by VoltaicSmellyButt

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How long did it take you to write out that speech Chen?
You're not Nerdtaic

- Posted by Trypticon

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Yeah I would like General Tso chicken with extra soy sauce and 10 fortune cookies sir.

- Posted by GeneralSick

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Alessandro U fake Voltaic,
Dont write all ur BS here, If u were the real Voltaic u shud hav written that u were too much of a scaredy cat who never knew hw this game shud be played in the first place or that u are an unworthy No.1 of 2020

- Posted by boy

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calling out all players to que ready for this months events such as a tankpit party.a tankpit party is when as much players in the game participate in days as cristmas and new years ect.also try to keep fault languages from the bulleting board as much as possible please.the objective is to bring as much players to the community as posible to keep the flow of the game going.also keep the good ideas coming for future adaptations of the game.thank you and have a fun season.

- Posted by STAFF

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One Hit Wonder got BODY BAGGED hard by like everyone in this game.He was body bagged by life and quite frankly God for making such a worthless scum of the earth.

Voltaic bud you need to tell us who u are. At least tell me after all the years I spent defending you. I sent who I thought was you a discord message and you never confirmed. Is that at least you?

- Posted by JimChen

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Alessandro Musk,
Interesting point of view...Your overall game-play was horrible and didn't help in bringing these players you idolize, like how a special ed kid is with his Pokemon cards. You sharing a tank and playing it nonstop is what helped bring homer, chew, etc back for a bit but are you proud of that? It's just as bad as fools buying tanks that had 1000+ hours. You did nothing special and honestly shouldn't reveal if you want any shred of good rep. P.S Jiren da real legend not you chump

- Posted by LOL WEAK


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Alessandro Musk,
Trust me my man, people have already stopped talking about you. The only 'legacy' you left behind is that of being a pest, a petty nuisance that the game has cleansed itself of. Good riddance indeed!

- Posted by ruptured condom