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Okay have fun mentioning me then.

- Posted by GeneralSick

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Whoever thought this scrub here was Sigma is just silly. This dude is a phony and never even in the same ball park as sigma. I ran with sigma back in the day, and this guy isnt him. And before you ask, dont even go there, its me, Bubba the best there is. The best there ever was. The Genesis, the beginning, the stepping stone, the god father, the creater, the original, og, from battlefield, from bonus, from the start. :)

- Posted by BuBBa Gump

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On the lighter side, we have been here for 10 years, with the 25 year anniversary of R&S in view.
Thank you SW for bringing us a chance to re-experience this game we hadn't had our fill of.
There are few talented enough take on the responsibility of dev and he has shared our obsession with it all along. Many others might have folded at some point.
Thanks for a great job at holding parts of the game at length while also going for the ride as another one of us.
Thanks for everything mayne

- Posted by Anon

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Congrats Thebrit for the number 2 spot!

- Posted by Uyghur Killer

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I played with Sigma from the first and I was proud to call him a friend. For turning from a flag flyer of the hardcore to what I gather is one of the worst trolls the community has seen, he is dead to me and I'm sure who he was at the time, would spite nu-Sigma too. So it goes
Re: Chen as Sigma: Muddy the waters with more sock puppets in attempt to stop your stock sliding further if you want, yet everything you disclosed about your circumstances at the time matches what u've chosen to tell us

- Posted by Anon


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Be aware that your antics in the tourny did not go unnoticed.
Thanks for the gold cup

- Posted by Ultra Magnus