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You're just lucky I didn't move further away. You woulda never had enough fuel to teleport to the ferry if I moved further away. Also, why wouldn't I try to do that? I don't need any kills on Skeleton Key so obviously I would try and get the kill on another tank...

- Posted by Skeleton Key

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Happy new year to all. Here's to a great 2021. Let's drop the toxicity and embrace this great game that keeps us all coming back. Recruit your friends and donate to keep this gem alive. See you all on the battlefield. Cheers.

- Posted by Texan214

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its an honor to play with the great noodle.. I have been playing on and off for like 10+ years now and its awesome to see the community is alive. #tankpit4lyfe

- Posted by - Calcium -

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Happy New Years Everyone

- Posted by Abraham Simpson II

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This year had a massive troll tank but it also had a true number 1. I am talking about Finesse here of course.
This year was really interesting and each one of you made this game really fun for me all year long. (even if I have only played about a third of the year)
Happy new year to all! ;)

- Posted by Flop

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Happy New Years from the gringo

- Posted by el gringo


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Just proved you wrong. Bronze legit the best. Don't forget to subscribe to my OnlyFans account 😘.

- Posted by Hays OnlyFan Account