ArchangeL RamieL

#97 in 2019 Series

Created: January 2019
Country: United States
BF Tank: Abraham Simpson II


Dear Ramiel, protector of the throne of God, the angel of thunder, I reach out to you now to ask for your help. I have received a vision and despite taking every step, I can't interpret its meaning, I find myself lost all the time. I ask that you send me a sign to guide me in the right direction. YT : TankpiT EvangelisT TWTCH: ArchangeLRamieL


Time Played: 100:1:02
Rank: private
Destroyed Enemies: 688
Deactivated: 100


Time Played: 0:0:19
Rank: recruit
Destroyed Enemies: 0
Deactivated: 0


Feb 27, 2019 19:06- 20:06 - Elements

Aug 06, 2019 15:06- 16:06 - Castles

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