PH Contest #6 - Map Design

It's time for another Purple Heart contest! Once again we are looking for new and exciting maps that will be played in tournaments, and perhaps as the World map as well. Map design is easy and can be done by anyone using Microsoft Paint or a similar program, so get busy and show us your creativity!

Maps are 256 x 256 pixel images containing only 3 colors, one for each terrain type (water, land, and rock). You can use any colors you want, but let us know what terrain each color represents if it isn't obvious. You should also specify a name for your map and whether it uses grass, desert, ice, or one of the other tile sets.

Here are some of the favorite maps that were created in previous contests:

Metropolis The Nile The Pit Tron Elements President Trump

Hint: Think of how fun the map will be to play, not only what it looks like.

As usual, you can submit your entry either via the Contact Us page with a link to where we can download your map file, or via direct email with "Purple Heart Entry" in the subject and your map image attached. Our favorite submissions will be trialed in tournaments, and the best ones will be awarded the prestigious Purple Heart award!

Contest deadline: June 1, 2020