PH Contest #5: T-Shirt Design

Our long-overdue fifth Purple Heart contest is here! For this contest we're asking you to produce TankPit-related t-shirt designs! Designs can contain text, slogans, tank information, logos, or graphics that are related to the game. They can be specific to an individual tank or troop color, or they can be generic. Be creative!

Try to come up with something fun that you think players would wear! If we get good enough entries, our intention is to actually produce some t-shirts! Your design must be practically feasible.

When submitting your entry, we recommend submitting images showing what your t-shirts would look like. Template images or design programs found online might be helpful. Also be sure to include any details such as fonts or graphics that may be specific to your design.

This contest is open until December 10, 2018. Winners will receive the prestigious Purple Heart award. Good luck!