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Hey A Homing Shot..
You come attack me.
My reds help me out.
You get killed.
You attack me AGAIN!
I kill you in a 1v1.
You came at me twice... so no. I'm not going to "buzz off" when you tell me to. So I killed you again on a 1v1.
You attack me first, twice. I'll buzz off when I feel like it. Thanks.
Also. JamesChen. I work at a psych hospital. I can get you the help you need.

- Posted by Pizza pie

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For someone who has a family, he sure has been playing a lot lately to catch Chen.
must have impeccable pph considering he is always the majority color and never takes raids.

- Posted by VOLTbendsCKPA

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@ anunfortunateevent
Welcome back. Many of us here are old players from back when it was on bonus.c0m website.
There is a tankpit discord. Click on my name, the link is in my profile description. Be aware that there are many toxic players in there...
See you on the field!

- Posted by Flop


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CLARK KENT won by accident because he definitely didn't pass me 😁

- Posted by CURMUDGEON