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> so earlier, i played a weird nlh hu hand. guy limps from button im in BB with 10 6 offsuit, I 4x raise it like a goof and he calls. Flop 10 6 3 rainbow, I check, and he baawnngs all in, i call obv and he flips over 5 8
standard or??

- Posted by letMEbURhuckleberry

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I see you creeping behind me.
I am genuinely scared you are making me have to play more and secure my position! <3
You're putting in a lot of work though, glad to see you on the field :)

- Posted by Abraham Simpson II

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Congratulations on the kill. I hit a few screens without fuel and had let my fuel get too low before my initial teleport which kept me from moving! Was looking for shields but was in the wrong side of the map.
Just remember, even when I lose, I win. YOU killing me FINALLY got me the HEROIC HONOR METAL! HAHAHAHA
Jokes aside, Congrats. Was nice taking the raid, which I have been avoiding when Voltaic is in ....

- Posted by JamesChen

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..Voltaic is one of the most pathetic yet awesome people in the game.
Pathetic for fighting without honor, but awesome because he gives me and many others the excuse to not take raids.
How do you get to a number 1 spot but not spread the cancer of color flipping and avoiding raids?
Smoke at least takes raids, even if he cowardly gives himself free kills to rank back up :D

- Posted by JamesChen


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Good job James Chen , U took that raid like a total noob and didnt shoot back 1 time, and in the end u died and got Heroic. You are so bad kid you should really think about retiring those Air Jordons you got on cuz all you did was hop around the map and pick up extra radars and armors . Stay Salty my friend. Smokescreen killed James chen 10 times and gave him Heroic . FACTZ

- Posted by Smokescreen