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JamesChen ,
Thanks for the kind welcome. As I've been catching up on the bulletin board I see you do your best to be as diplomatic as possible when trying to solve social crisis regarding the discord, (which I soon will join) I've noticed some here can be a bit "hostile" to put it lightly.
I too share your vision for a prosperous TankPit community. It's unfortunate that some here don't appreciate what devs and others have done to keep this game alive through the years.

- Posted by R E D - D A W N

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keep trying

- Posted by Eternal Efficacy


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itscake , say I am a "little girl mama", and telling me I am a "child". Whew. Where are your manners, son? I hope you don't talk to your mama like that.
You see, JamesChen and Tankpit Newsletter... you have undeniable evidence that itscake believes "mama" is the equivalence of a little child. So this is pretty self-incriminating. Wow, the way that he fantasizes grown woman as a little girl is the obsession with pedophilia. Way to turn yourself in admitting guilt.

- Posted by MamaXiangQi