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You won the draw for the event this evening. You get a $25 voucher for name/color change. Would you like it? If so you will probably have to get in touch with me on discord. AdamPrecise#2481

- Posted by CoL Oni

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Facts on Wax and still you couldn't kill me :) such a cop out just like your excuses as to why you are completely unable to cup, Oxy.

At least you can cry on here about not winning. I don't need this game to feel better about myself like you do. I am simply better than you in all facets of life.

Also funny how pathetic you are to be constantly crying like a BABY to SW lolol. Imagine being a grown man crying about a childs game.

- Posted by Sigma

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Jamilovich Chenkoberg has been banned for the 109th time unjustly! This is clearly anti-chenism, there is no way one person can be kicked out 109 times for no reason! We have never tried to undermine tankpit, or cause players to leave! We must build our own game for us Chenites, goys you will bow before us, we are the masters of tankpit!


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When you open up the BB and see 10+ posts you know that once again chen is throwing a temper tantrum over a game he claims to not play. This is not normal behavior for someone who claims 130+IQ and a PhD, very sad to see! There is only one thing he is good at, and that's lying

- Posted by crybaby

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Just give me a THANK YOU for bringing the game back instead of your fake lies of saying the game is active in January. I still don't see you winning any of these 25 person tournaments like I did on December 31st and January 1st. U are seriously pathetic because you are not close to my talent yet you continue to try. Very cute.

I bet you are a redditor marvel star wars diversity fan loser lololol kys seriously scum bag.

I made this game and now I will ruin it just to show you my power

- Posted by Sigma

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Major Ownage Losers, shout out to JimChen .
Obama Mic DROP. Epic Finale
Sigma signing out yet again. You can all eat poop.

- Posted by Sigma

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-Magnificent- 6
please stop trying to steal my style.

- Posted by CoL Cerberus

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i wOnT liVe iN feAR = p1G dEWoRM3r
FACTZ. One of the legends who doesn't like to die, a true maverick

- Posted by 13 MIN LATE F IT


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Pro Tip: Excellent PPH or points per hour sessions should always be conducted on a screen with abundant fuel sources. Be courteous of the other tank(s) who is low fuel. Always share resources with the enemy tank, and your personal skills will be duly noted.
(*this tip will never show up on the comment's screen on the actual battlefield.)

- Posted by MamaXiangQi