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Dressed to the mines, 1 purple vs 3 red tanks filling mines all over the top right mountain enclosure and all the fuel hoarded inside the base. Good work trapping me. I had to try and dismantle that base as a lieutenant shooting 3x3 mines, but I was an underdog. Too bad One hit Wonder had to spoil the challenge since he could blow up more mines than I can...

- Posted by MamaXiangQi

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I take those congrats back. You are one POS that deserve nothing but middle fingers in this game.Hands down the worst player ever. I will be adding your weak a$$ on my noob list which I'm renaming to F@G list.

- Posted by Globe Master

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I will not be playing anymore because it is obvious that I am the best player and there is no more good competition

- Posted by Napoleon Bonaparte


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dressed to whatthefkever why dont u tell us what your main tank is before u talk trash u noob bic4

- Posted by One hit wonder

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Voltaic... You think you seized the opportunity when I was nice enough to give you the opportunity to shoot me down. But I had to test you with very low fuel to know for sure. There were times I hesitated to even turn on armor. All you did was turned on your duels and homing shots, mined me like crazy, warped right in my face and still ... i commend you of your efforts, but Scrouge stole your kill on a 2v1 against me. Luck doesn't favor you after all.

- Posted by MamaXiangQi