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Ok. Voltaic isA Poosy VI.
That seriously WAS whack. I was really surprised it turned out that way. What happened that you couldn't go get more fuel? Anyway. Thanks for the promotion kill. ;)

- Posted by purple-7

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Next up. Voltaic himself.
Ok. There's no denying that you're bit of a pansy that would run away from a 1v1 with a recruit. That's not up for debate. I mean, when was the last time you stood your ground and actually deactivated a tank that wasn't a bot?
BUT I gotta admit. When we were sparring the other day, I did learn some tricks from you. Plus side - they were good tricks. Downside - some of them left me time to go get fuel when I needed it. But I will admit I learned some things from you

- Posted by purple-7

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Seriously shut up
Ckpa has a job, life and family
Don't go in on his frustration against that idiot voltaics antics. Some of us have a life and don't appreciate valuable time being counterproductive due to some psychologically challenged fool that has an obsession with harassing people that play.
Obviously voltaic is a clear cut basement dweller that that can spend 10 hrs a day being tankpits version of 2020...

- Posted by Islam likes wieners


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Chen...I value your opinion less than I do Joe Bidens...
Keep trolling and hiding behind your split personalities. Get help man.

- Posted by CKPA2020

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VOLTAIC... what were you up doing 3:34 AM new york time bro? Stealing refrigerator snacks? OH wait, it's trying to get a 5.0 Gpa in being the most studious nerd in school to Beat everyone? Nope, GUYS, he wants extra credit getting the most POINTs to be #1 of TankPit!!! SENPAI wannabie! PPHing while everyone's sleeping. I signed in to check which blue it was and you were the only one on. Why sacrifice your sleep to play this game. WHYYY... ugh CRINGE.

- Posted by MamaXiangQi


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Who is ready to play my Psycho Maze map Saturday? ;) I gonna rate you by how long you stay in bed.

- Posted by MamaXiangQi

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Harvey Wallbanger,
I encourage you to apply with your resume at tpcocktails dot com. All applications will be thoroughly checked and considered. Thank you for your interest!

- Posted by Corpse Reviver