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You killed me twice when i accidentally left my tank in the game, that takes no skill at all to kill someone when they are AFK, but grats noob


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The amount of sand packed into yalls cooters. Could of filled every sandbag in Vietnam 6 times over. If yall were around for that war the salt alone could of fortified all of south Vietnam.

- Posted by Ownzord

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yo, Trashrak
i'll take you out like the garbage
have u on my privates while u callin me sergeant
im the big dad, MC dapper rapper
I wish I met ya moms, just so I could slap her
ur teeth lookin like cheddar and ya willy small
got a case of the 'tism and you not very tall
i'll smack ya lil Ace up, jus drop the addy
i be deep in that Trashrak, call me the garbage DADDY.
- MC dapper rapper aka yung booty cheek clapper
- AkA wiffle ball champ
- AkA Juggalo Jesus

- Posted by mc dapper rapper

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OSPF and BTN....Saviors of the Desert from the Blue Plague.....and you even ranked up twice in the process. lol
Good times!

- Posted by BendTheKnee

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These people are a bit obessessive lol

- Posted by EPIC 7

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Sup homie....

- Posted by FISH ON A HEATER