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to that idiot the number tree spot beeatch that quits all the time..change her name because the thing feels ashame.listen color retard u need to stop making a fool of yourself with the fake ass taunting hipocrite piece of s@&#a at first u come with oh stand still in a raid because if u dont it doesnt count as taking it then says u got poope on..i feel so ofended by the word a bean..i dont care about ur stupid shyney c#m eating medals that y wave at other losers thinking u god.

- Posted by F2bBacK

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Sup Willow!
Long time no talk!
:) Good seeing you and can't wait to PPh with you!

- Posted by Abraham Simpson II

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2.-like a medal that comes from you or anybody is going grant u infinite wishes..achievements...what! achievements FOO! like pretending that having more baby points,a spot a the chart,things made out of metal,authentic quitter,have a tendency squealer type syndrome is an achievent..well to beging with ur attention spam if way off tarting the argument.oh and the figth u chanlenging me to.thats not an achievemnt its called a u have just won another shynei shiti medal for that

- Posted by F2bBacK

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3.-challenching someone to a figth when youre so far on another planet even the people reading this rigth now knows what goes down with that comment. if u want another brigth dingli sprite thing the next one is when u log off and go to your sodomising husband and the rest of the puppies.

- Posted by F2bBacK

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Dedication lefty, mad dedication. I'm still going to achieve my goal. 😎

- Posted by President McCool


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nachos. Duly noted. Still getting accustomed to this 'raiding' era as it was not a huge part of the game back in my day. I am in awe at the raiding abilities; Both offensively and defensively. The speed, telegraphing and longevity is amazing. ROSE was insane. I am guessing I should learn what a hot key is and stop using the only the mouse and space bar? lol. Also...cute putting this in the 'Newbie' section. Much appreciated! Ha!

- Posted by BendTheKnee