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I started playing on Bonus in 1995. Miss the good old days

- Posted by Trouble

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ROFL I didnt actually expose myself. Once again, nice try though ROFL!!!!!!!!!!

- Posted by Ashrak2002

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The hell you talking about noob? Stop being a soft a$$ marshmallow and leave my name out that rotted mouth of yours.

- Posted by Globe Master

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Bahahahaha. You still around loser? Thought you gave up on life and OD on drugs..... It's ashame that a pleasant like you is still sucking oxygen meant for those that deserve it.


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before you go spewing off at the mouth learn to play the game buddy ....because from my point of view, the way you play, is the reason this game has gone to shit...

- Posted by -SHOCK-

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It's trolls like you who play the game like shit, then talk shit on top of the horrible play, who do shit to ruin the fun of others trying to play the game, who in fact RUIN the game....
aaaaand next time make sure you're relevant at this game before talking shit to Destiny, or Globe,and I. Where without us 3 the game would be even more dead than it already is...

- Posted by -SHOCK-