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You have to be quite the idiot to think that playing against enough players to halve my fuel in 1 shot would require anything less than running.
And no I was actually in your minefields when I died. All the fuel was used up elsewhere. SORRY IDIOT

- Posted by JamesChen

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So what is the trick to taking a raid? I've played this game for years, on/off, but never for much time. I'm playing more now than ever because of COVID. Today I got jumped by 7 tanks. I had full armor and fuel. I only got a couple teleports in before I couldn't do anything. I was surrounded by mines and couldn't move. It was almost as if everyone was beating me to my teleport location. They burned though my shields like it was nothing. I've seen others take raids like champs.

- Posted by MichiganWolverine

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Not sure how they do it. Is there a way that they are cheating and have huge amounts of armor? I just don't understand how they take so many shots and keep going. If they are legit that good, then props!

- Posted by MichiganWolverine

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And btw james chen Smoke isn't the smartest but he showed a copy and paste of the top 25... and it showed you at 21 OR 22 i think? And you cannot be 21 or 22 at Captain, So it was obviously your General rank..... and Idk if you maybe seen yourself in top 10 in the game and thought that ment you was top 10? But thats only because not everyone is ranked up to Gen, cause if they are your not even close

- Posted by cRanberry vampiRe


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I hear y'all like bases :^)

- Posted by Thundercracker

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Hint: You can run from 8+ tanks easily. Just be able find equips FAST and FURIOUS.

- Posted by MamaXiangQi

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Play as blue and you will constantly have a team of 8 players in the game where you can consistently mob players and work your hardest to deactivate players like James Chen, and only fail when you don't have half the map mined up.
Another tip is to remember to complain that they don't fight back when you have 8 players vs 1 and have used up all the fuel in the map.

- Posted by JamesChen


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Genuine question here.
Why don't you ever raid the number 1 player on the top 10? Deactivating him would move him off the slot.

- Posted by JamesChen

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Another sugar daddy session by James Chen today... "the greatest" sugar to live

- Posted by cRanberry vampiRe