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Good PPH is fun! Some players prefer to shoot bots for points because of how certain players on the field rather teleport and drive a lot etc. There is also a link called tank pit analytics that record "true" statistics.
Play how you like but if you want to consider long term play and strategy, there are plenty of players on discord with helpful advice!
On another note, activity seems to be a bit down. How about a couple hours before the tournament on Saturday we all rally? ^_^

- Posted by I AM LEGEND

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It's a numbers thing
It'll be some time before you get there
Get at me BlueGhost

- Posted by Trypticon


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The guys who don't like to PPH with me are Baconator 1 BlueGhost 4th Armored Division ... Not sure why, but killing bots I can't imagine can give you more points than hitting generals and colonels...

- Posted by MamaXiangQi

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Supreme Commander ,
My back seems to be a bit sore after that tournament..... must be the ganja 🤣 ROFL


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DrYiCeZ ,
Hitting bots is the very excuse to chicken out of getting involved with a 1v1 raid or a multi-way raid. Once you are known to do that (aka Voltaic) then there's no way out of that quandary. There's gotta be more points doing a pph session with a general or colonel.
Plus ... horsepower what's with all that smack talk spamming chat yesterday when you long warped after me only when you got 2 other orange to support you? You can't handle a 1v1 against me?

- Posted by MamaXiangQi