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Hey Cyrus,
Welcome back! Willow here.

- Posted by Principal Skinner

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Sadly you and I can't engage in a pissing match because, I've accomplished so much more like cups, speciale, swords, etc. You're the one who's salty becaus4 I initially asked that you take raids and such just like everyone else if you're willing to do the same to others. Also, I can beat you up.....fight me

- Posted by revel in thy sins

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weekend nachos,
I don't anymore dude and i deleted my FB. Um i'll try to get ahold of you through someones fb lol.If not there we'll find a diff way. Nice seeing u brotha.

- Posted by Warrior


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You seem like a player who should know better. But the long moves during raids are definitely not appreciated by both the people raiding and especially the people taking raids. A general good guide to abide by is if something looks like it's more than 5 spaces away, don't drive, teleport.

- Posted by nachos


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BLUES yo daddy is here now to lead you!

- Posted by idolize -- BLUNTZ