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Well first off, when you 1v1 versus someone, most likely you won't kill them if they know what they are doing. So, planting mines isn't necessary and gets in the way in the long run. So Quit planting mines on fuels or really anytime you fight 1v1. Most times you fight 1v1 is for points and planting mines only delays shots and makes players teleport rather than just moving to fuels so you can continue getting points at a faster pace. (pt 1)

- Posted by Skeleton Key

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PRO SELF, (pt 2)
Really I would stop mining all together UNLESS you are raiding, then you can mine away. TBH even if you are killing bots, mining makes it harder to even do that because most of the time the bots will run into the mines and die from the mines... IDK, im just tryna give you pointers on how to PPH more efficiently, but in the end you can play how ever you want, just tryna make it so ppl hate you less and this is just 1 reason why, the other is not taking raids..

- Posted by Skeleton Key

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PRO SELF, (pt 3)
And well if you are building a base, then hell... have fun mining...

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I guess I am one of these....but only in this game!
Looking forward to "sticking it to" some of you boys. And I hear there are some "men" here too. I havent met up with any of those yet....except maybe "ENDURANCE" is it? Cya for some FUN

- Posted by aFunLovingGirl