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multiple top 3s? i dont have multiple top 3s... i finished #1 in 2018, the first year i was back in a year where it barely took 300hrs to finish #1... dont bring me into your crybaby shit just because i took first last year.... but ohhh if i had 1k hrs and was near top 10 you wouldnt be mentioning shit now would you... just because i play multiple tanks you talk your shit... w.e kid keep hiding behind a secret name on here

- Posted by -SHOCK-

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You calling anyone a loser is a total riot!
Apparently you're in denial about your current situatiion...
But hey keep winning those poop cups and talking trash....way to go!

- Posted by EPIC 7

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OSPF...I can smell the jealousy through the computer screens. Keep on keepin on man. Haters gonna hate.
Jesse. Good snipe the other day. Thought i was quick enough to move without turning on the shields. It was embarrassing. Blah!

- Posted by BendTheKnee


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If I'm so lifeless than why is it you imstead of me worrying about the amount of time I've spent playing the game? What could poasibly justify your interest in what I do other than clear cut "envy"?
If you want attention try going out and making friends instead of crying like a girl on the intermet about what other people do....

- Posted by EPIC 7