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The new link is up for Tank Pit discord. ;)

- Posted by Flop

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**Special Thanks**
I would like to say thank you very much to the following players:
Optimus Prime (SR/Josh)
For their contributions to me and the wifey! Appreciate it very much! Also, got good news, as my son has been getting healthier. We will be leaving again outta town tomorrow to go and see him and check on him. Just wanna say thanks to everyone whos helped out. Thanks!!!!

- Posted by Skeleton Key

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Alden owes josh,
Check your facts...

- Posted by Skeleton Key

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Alden owes josh,
Would also like to know whos the possay and can't post under their actual name... Because evidently "Alden owes josh" doesn't know anything between me and Josh, so mind your dam business especially when you don't know the facts...

- Posted by Skeleton Key

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Confidence - you rock... took on a 4v1 for a good 30 minutes. nicely done!
Anunfortunateevent, boba fett, scroll, and onehitwonder - that was fun; barely escaped you guys with 3 armor shields twice!! Kicking it back like 2003 haha

- Posted by whoshotme

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you gotta love it when the weak players start to talk sh@t when they die.or the get 2 computers to do free killing after deactivation cause they can't rank up like a normal person like that red tank named "WHATS DOING" just too stupid fool if u think no one notices.

- Posted by F2bBacK

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Voltaic finally got bored with the bots and has resorted to PPHing with himself(Colin K). The long grind to pass Homer must have broken him. Mad skillz....smh

- Posted by CKPA2020

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Ghost Major, thank you! Practice has made me better... sometimes! I can play like garbage too (unintentional?) Keep in mind, I do play at work (no excuse) Other times I am much more focused!! Tourney, raid, or taking one ect as an example.
Epic 7! You can hate but sorry to say I am only here to enjoy the game.
Thanks to all of the other colors including orange, enjoying the game as much as I do. Giving constructive criticism is appreciated ^.^

- Posted by PRO SELF


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anunfortunateevent your trash you have no room to talk noob be quite and sit down scrub

- Posted by Vic olta