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@frinzee ahh okay so pph is point per hour?? and the best way to drop you number lower is to drop down a lot in rank?

- Posted by The Grim Reaper

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@The Grim Reaper "whos your daddy" isn't the appropriate message to send a player who takes a raid and gets's "nice try." Don't be such a lame duck...especially if you won't even take a raid yourself.

- Posted by Doc Holiday

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Drederick Tatum
Who's your Daddy?

- Posted by -IcE-

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Anyone know how ranks and points work? I was doing PPH as major rank 2136 with Colonel Mimic rank 1126 MimiC and with Bumblebee (higher major rank than me 2117?),, shooting/refueling with both players for about 10 to 30 minutes+.
Another colonel Doc Holiday came on, and then a bit after, my rank suspiciously ended up 2137... what? but shouldn't have any interference when that happened? Can anyone explain how my rank dropped while doing PVP?

- Posted by MamaXiangQi