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no offense to everyone else
INITIMIDATION won't fight or take or anything with me since I embarrassed him and his team
grow up loser
all you try to do is snipe and raid me
man you're awful

- Posted by sorry studs a bum

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The majority of my points this year has been 1vX or 1v1v1. You jumped in making it 2v1 I saw homing shots and mines. The first screen then when I said “lame” and he started avoiding you, you were coming in with the troll tank names “crybabies1v1” or something? You received what you gave. I treat people like they treat me. I’ve yet to have any issues with any legit players since making this tank. Guess it’s me trolling though….

- Posted by Warmonger


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The Right Color,
The real humor is you posting under a ghost tank. You that scared of me? rofl. 🤣 😂 🤡

- Posted by Globe Daddy