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@squad 12 didnt mean to offend u i had 3 duels left when i grabbed it if i knew it would bug u that badly i would have gladly let u take it i just wanna get some points but ya thanks for the points if ur not mad id like to continue trading points with ya

- Posted by Oden

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There can be only one.

- Posted by oG-SKELETOR-Og

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Ya'll are doin a tremendous job out there, citizens.
Keep up the good work. Make sure to inject bleach, use uv light on your lungs, stay at home, and save lives.
Make Tankpit Great Again [MTGA]

- Posted by Optimus Prime

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Anyone remember mid 2000 when people locked up all the water on Rocks & Swamp?
The chaos that ensued?
How some people didn't even log in for weeks due to the fact there was no equipment left on the field, and very little fuel? Every single obstacle had been placed so it could not be used to get to the ferries, all the water was on lockdown minus like 2 little ponds?

- Posted by Math Magician

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@ MamaXiangQi
You need to separate the 2020 rankings from the OVERALL rankings.
I know you said Voltaic surpassed noodle however this is not the case, If you look on the leader-boards, make sure you click the OVERALL tab and you can even search tanks that way to see where your number is at outside of the 2020 season :)
I am not sure you were aware of this so I wanted to bring it to your attention!

- Posted by Abraham Simpson II