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Battered Sword Party.. Open invitation 2/27/10 Roughly 8 o clock EST all welcome

- Posted by Jesse James

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Because 9-5 are working hours and you apparently don't work..... ?
However peak hours are everything after working hours so you can think of it as 6 - 10 are peak hours.

- Posted by ArchangeL RamieL

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maybe its the fact he has no copywrites to protect the game or maybe its the fact hes gaining an income without paying any taxes or reporting it that he doesnt want his name put as an "owner" per-se. but his tunnel vision way of managing the game is what is really ruining it. doesnt help he hard favorites when it comes to recognizing people and awarding them accordingly. theres nothing more of us guys who ahve put our time into the game, weve hit the end game and no rewards

- Posted by US Space Force

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Sending out postcards. Who wants a classy fridge worthy picture of glory that even ron Jeremy would frame.

- Posted by SendinSofties

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Congratulations, Sir Rosco. That is some serious devotion. Hoping to see a rusty as well this year. See ya on the field!

- Posted by SOLITUDE

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Sir Rosco,
😍😘 great job this year! Congrats and see you on the field.

- Posted by President McCool

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Did you ever think you might be the problem? Leaving instantly when a new player comes in to hop to a different color/tank to give yourself the numbers? You are not BORING to play with; I would call it IMPOSSIBLE and ANNOYING to even be on the same screen with you. Worthless cheater....get a clue.
Sorry rant over. Ask me how i really feel? lol

- Posted by BendTheKnee

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All Archangels and Angels are welcomed to join the blue team that I just created right now.

- Posted by ArchangeL RamieL


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eyyyy Nachos! Quiet yourself and award me 2 of each special. Thanks for stopping by ;)

- Posted by Kitsunegari


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weekend nachos,
Long time no seee brotha.

- Posted by Warrior

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sdfu nachos the lack of proper management of the game is turning people to do this. the shitty upgrades. false promises. moderation of violators that only come in short bursts. SW's lackluster ability to take constructive criticism and suggestions to make the game move forward in a more positive direction is solely the main reason why we have good guys going rouge or dgaf. a feeble attempt with kongreate which literally went nowhere is the most SW will or ever will do to help promote the game.

- Posted by US Space Force