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A dumb twat? That’s how you entice someone to have fun? Your social skills are as terrible as your weak “raid” 1v3 takes. You literally would spam pick up Eq idk 10-20 screens 4+ boxes? Nobody was avoiding you buddy. I had been in shooting with Jaskier for half an hour (faking my way to #1 maj vs maj) you popped in started laying mines and using homings. Once you were finally out of ERs you hit the 3 of us with “ I gotta go”. 2-3 people in map is pph don’t like it keep cryin

- Posted by Warmonger

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Btw feel free to play dumb and flip the script in whatever way suits you…it’s obvious from your play you’re just another reject on an anonymous tank. Don’t have the sack to play like a jerk on your main tank. Don’t worry about how other people want to play you just do you and I’m sure you’ll be treated accordingly. See you soon I’m sure.

- Posted by Warmonger

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Avoiding you? First move for fuel I made you had homings on. I sat on 3-4 different screens letting you shoot, mine and use homings for no apparent reason. Went through 6k fuel at least. Then yes I “avoided” you. Wanna troll I’ll give it right back. I’ll long move you over and over just because. You sound like someone who doesn’t play often because it’s so “boring” to pph. But enjoy ruining anyone’s attempt to climb the leaderboard that hasn’t put in 2000 hours.

- Posted by Jaskier

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Make a tank in January if you want excitement or raids. Join a team and play when it’s active. You seem to have decent skills other than showing up out of no where on a no name tank which I know isn’t your main. Don’t want people to know you’re playing like a dbag on your main tank? Show some decency with your play. I show respect to everyone I shoot with until it isn’t given in return. I’ll just log when you come in since you obviously like to troll. Have a great one

- Posted by Jaskier

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nice 5 man sgtrick,
Thanks bud. Glad we can give you a show. Hope it only generates laugher out of you because it would be a bit sad if you were actually crying about it. Hope you're outside living life to the fullest instead of dwelling over a stupid tournament.

- Posted by Globe Daddy

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Suppressive Fire ,
It's funny when people try to play detective but miserably fail. Amazing how we both cupped in the same tournament but somehow we are the same people. ROFL.

- Posted by Menehune


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I'm not Globe, I have never died to Yeetapult, and I don't sgt trick in tournaments. I think you have me confused with someone else "nice 5 man sgt trick".
Have a nice day though :)

- Posted by Suppressive Fire

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The Right Color,
All I hear is the sounds of a sore loser..... "WAAAH". You must feel a type of way after losing that way AND getting last in a low turnout tournament. Didn't even get 4th, ROFL. Maybe you should work on your PPH game instead of crying about the strategy I deployed for that one tournament to win. It isn't my fault that your low tier strategy of only relying on sugar kills to cup wasn't effective when there wasn't one to kill. Get rekt manchild.

- Posted by Peacemonger