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Your exceptional skills and abilities will be congratulated as the raid gods have noticed you and smiled. Well done and may you continue to flourish in excellence.

- Posted by Amaretto Sour

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This whole Globe accusation holds merit....Skill level is there. And the big factor...Globe has consistently put in 100s of hours over the past two years. Now this year he disappears when the game is the most active its been in forever? Both on the field and on the BB. I think this guy might have it right....but WHY Globe? Why????

- Posted by CKPA2020


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Ltns Sigma, how was your tournament ban for dishing out those fks?

- Posted by nachos

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Hint: Blues boys and red boys FINESSE /CPKA failed to deactivate me. AND I didn't long leap. I was like 3 armor left with 6 guys chasing me and praying my next radar was equips... And all you suckers wanted to keep mining...
The worst thing that bugs me: WHYYYY does Voltaic jump in the water joint a raid thinking he would shoot me easily? I HAVE NEVER SEEN HIM TAKE A RAID.

- Posted by MamaXiangQi