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Abraham Simpson II,
Yoooooo... yeah i like PPH'n with you also... its always nice and quick pts! come to the Discord chat sometime bro...

- Posted by -SHOCK-

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Abraham Simpson II, lol.


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@OSPF is a maggot
You are a Coward, every time I say "come and get me" u quit fast. Coward!

- Posted by Sir GooFy

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Its actually fun to start new tanks with no rank or awards and surprise people. Death is not death...just a restart.

- Posted by Ohhh Nooo


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lol @ OSPF. Your attempt at clever and/or witty deflection away from the fact that you got owned doesn't really change the fact that owned.
Ice up.

- Posted by OSPF is a maggot

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Hi all,
New old player here, from the time on bonus.
So when the animals could speak :)
Unbelievable I found this version of the game..
Does this game still have some good player activity?

- Posted by Taranis