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@ MamaXiangQi
2 things. 1 : Congrats on your cup! I still remember how back in January you really wanted to cup! 2 : I did notice you did indeed improve your skills of survival. You don't need anymore proof than what you showed me on the field the other day when we raided you and you survived. ;)

- Posted by Flop

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Are You Calling Me A Dummy And A Retard, Because If You Are, I Will Be Forced To Retaliate

- Posted by Little Fingers

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Bluntz. I wasnt attacking your skill level. Just simply stating that you shouldn't be seeking the recognition/praise that you are for being #1 when you personally only have ~400 of the 2900 hours on that tank.
As far as my ability? I think we are both above average overall players and below average raid takers. I think i am better than you but that is my own biased opinion.

- Posted by CKPA2020

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And as far as raid taking? I believe i take my fair share from a take/hours played perspective. But you are correct; I refuse to be raided by Voltaic. It is his choice not to die, and my choice not give him the satisfaction of having the chance to deactivate me.......
I believe that is more than fair.....

- Posted by CKPA2020


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Mamaxiang is the RAID TAKING QUEEN of Tankpit, badazz!
- James

- Posted by JamesChen