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Alden you losers are so easily baited..
If I were worried about getting banned I wouldn't have asked why they lifted my ban or have told him to re-ban then given him a reason.
Tphq is the worst community ever period...
Stop talking about me being nobody else can say they have a biracial kid in tp lol

- Posted by getbettervoltaic SAD

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how's the ban treating you?
how hard do you air punch when you think about it?

- Posted by just curious

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There was only 1 time where I went and just force died which was like my 2nd or 3rd tourney.
My issue is that I either hit "1" and it doesn't register with tournament lag or I need to wait until another action to go through.
One time I died after the tourney ended for some reason, hitting "Q" and I hit 1 by accident.
Does clicking the armor work better? I don't think I need tips I just need to blunder less and get raided by 10 people less.

- Posted by JamesChen


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Congratulations on cupping MamaXiangQi! Welcome to the club i seen that dude give u a Free kill

- Posted by Smokescreen


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Yep... I was #1 coming in 5 minutes in the tournament as a lieutenant. THEN there were 3 times I was able to seize a chance with a sergeant deactivation...nope... every time, someone else has to steal that important kill. Sucks that I have the skill, but I wasn't lucky enough to steal the kill for cappie and CUP. NOOOOOOOOO.... So frustrating.

- Posted by MamaXiangQi

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UGH...I was contending for gold cup but ended up in 4th place = no cup. ...GRACIOUS.... Stealing the kill was not enough apparently... this is frustrating.
There's gonna be 3 tourneys to make that back. Seriously.

- Posted by MamaXiangQi

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A gallant effort. You owned that noob 1v1, just gotta secure more points in the later game.

- Posted by Blind Pilot

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Congratulations MamaXiangQi on cupping!

- Posted by Spysweep