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@ rip sean
How is that even remotely funny?
Taking it way too far...

- Posted by EPIC 7

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Poorly written response and even worse rebuttal. You even attempted to defend yourself? #OBVIOUS. Just curious what sequence of events led you to invest 600+ worthless hours in 4+ months to prove a meaningless point that has gotten you ZERO respect? I feel bad for you. In the game AND 'IRL'.....

- Posted by VOLTAICisGLOBE

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Hey maxsettings,
Are you still around? Check your Discord ;)

- Posted by Sigma

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Idk what's funnier..
The fact that you're such as easy sell on 🐄 💩 🍭 or the fact that you're so 🌼 flowery 🌼 soft inside?
Gg 👸

- Posted by EPIC 7


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Danks, Dankpit for the promotionzzzz. Now for general to see how soon I will be in the double digits.
Hint: Guys... when you have a tank blocking your line of fire, you always turn off your homing shots and aim for the outer tank. Trust me. Once they warp, you won't waste a duel shot opportunity.

- Posted by MamaXiangQi