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Hey ArchAngel Returns.
Yeah - I remember 90s bonus dot com, the Packard Dell, and trying up the phone for hours on dialup to play. Good times! I get on every blue moon.

- Posted by C Ya Later

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So in my limited time back, it seems that blue is not very popular any longer. Orange and red seem to be stacked and just pick on the other colors. Is this accurate or just an off day?

- Posted by ArchAngel Returns

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Sup ArchAngel Returns

- Posted by ArchangeL RamieL

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Sup ArchAngel returns! welcome back!

- Posted by ArchangeL UrieL


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I notice you seem to be struggling to do well in tournaments. Keep practicing!
Join up on the tankpit discord and get some advice from some of the community members on how to imrpove.
See you there,

- Posted by noodle

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Welcome back and please ignore Trypticon. There are a few reasons why you are experiencing this:
1. You are a recruit. A recruit can only blow up 1 mine at a time. Once you get above it you can blow up 9 at a time. Once you get to major or above you an do a larger radius
2. You are trying to shoot your own mines. The ability to destroy your own mines was removed long ago to avoid sabotage.
See you on the field!

- Posted by JamesChen