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If I remember right, it was "Battlefield bonus"
And yes. This is the same name I used on there 20 years ago! haha

- Posted by Bricks

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Divine greatest will grace the field once again 😇

- Posted by ANGEL OF MERCY

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Epic 7,
Apparently you use that excuse a lot.
I thought you would at least try.
The guys told me you’ve been dodging for years. At least you acknowledge it, I guess?
Disappointing for such a decorated tank.

- Posted by SACRIFICE

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One hit blunder
You sound like bluntz

- Posted by The Medicine Man

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apparently VOLTAIC cant tell the difference between driving around in circles and actually playing the game
sad that after all this time you turned out to be the most counterprodiuctive player in the game

- Posted by EPIC 7


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James Chen
What's wrong with you? First I see you log on and off multiple times when we're trying to raid and could use the help. What? Were you afraid there wasn't enough help for you to risk it? Then I get back on to see you as a blue tank? As if that wasn't enough, you try to cherry pick on the raid your orange team has going on. Then you start shooting at the oranges? You're just as bad as Voltaic.

- Posted by Bricks