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Jakey not at all man, you are great.
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- Posted by JiminyChen


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Ultra Magnus , I clicked your tank name to check out your other 20+ cupped tanks history, and there were about 4 tanks with lieutenant rank. All the REST were captain ranks. The odds of making captain is pretty slim ( 16%-25% 5v1 or 6v1) because you have to get lucky and steal the kill at the right time while the victim is taking everyone's loads. Unless there was collusion, how else can you make Captain over 16 out of 20 times? You can't be statistically that lucky. Something's odd.

- Posted by MamaXiangQi

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FocuS ,
Likewise. Good job though and thanks. I got squirrely with that kill in the last minute.

- Posted by Meet Your Maker

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MamaXiangQi ,
Can you just quit already? Literally the worst player of all time with your tournament trolling. Just as bad as Pavan. pssshhh....Unreal.

- Posted by MamaAnoobFACTZ

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You think we that dumb? Nice job on free kill.

- Posted by micoolTHEidiot