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What's considered a good ping now a days? Mine is always around 28 but I feel so slow.

- Posted by Ashi Garami

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I see activity has picked up.
Was fun... ty for the pew and base wars reds. Was out of ers for awhile :(.

- Posted by I-POMPEII-I

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Hi Osama, you seem like a great fit to join our discord channel where we are constantly discussing strategies and better ways to improve our game in the world of tankpit.
https://discord. gg / qxaX2x

- Posted by JamesChen

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Hello Fellow Players,
I just wanted to remind certain players that I work in a busy office and play to pass the time. However whenever a client, or the boss needs me I have to facilitate.
This is no excuse and may run at times to leave battle, sorry if this offends anyone. Have fun and see you out there!
Best Regards

- Posted by PRO SELF


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you are terrible..... scrub

- Posted by -SHOCK-