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That's because you were also a general. He will gladly 1v1vx with other generals, but God forbid someone be lower

- Posted by itscake

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youre a whiny loser, toad owns you.

- Posted by The Mazoku

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A hundred dollas to those who know why my name is referencing!

- Posted by Rusty Walled Loser

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Chen. yea. we are cool. i dont want to be part of this lovers quarrel but Gensick has a good point. especially with the 'cancel culture' we are living in. How can you expect to be given any respect or a position of authority within tp when less than a year ago you were one of the most rancid trolls in the game/discord? Troll King. Alpha Troll. Troll of Trolls. With an emphasis on personal attacks. its like you found jesus and now all is forgiven? and now you are the savior?

- Posted by CKPA2020


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So leme get this straight.. On one hand ArchangeL PansY approves of Siggy Chen with sugary words like 'keeping it 100% real! #Preach!'. While on the other end he complains of bullies in the chat, racist remarks being made, and negativity being spewed, of which Siggy Chen was the primary source. Confused lad! Croak

- Posted by toad

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spamming the n-word is unironically the most interesting thing that has been said in that server in the past 2 weeks. GeneralSick .what do you know about getting people to play? You can't even get yourself to play!

- Posted by Rambunctious Raccoon