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It's really nice that you think you're number one in your own head. It's also really unfortunate that you think buying a tainted tank and claiming it to be your work is pathetic. I'm willing to bet you're going to avoid raids with that tank, and further progress the taint-ness. You talk a very big game, and yet fail to produce a seasoned tank to put you in that veteran class. Or will you just claim a purchased tank to put you in that realm?

- Posted by Plot Twist

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Bronze cup is the best cup.

- Posted by ENDURANCE

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yeah YOUR DOT looks good with who's ever LB and PH that is, there's no lying it looks good. Good enough for #4 ;) and yeah I know Plot Twist has gold cup, but he also has a combat honor medal which makes his awards better. The type of cup only matters when comparing two tanks that have the same awards and the cups are the only difference...

- Posted by Skeleton Key