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ashrak - get pooped on

- Posted by TULIP

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@ Ric Flair

- Posted by ENDURANCE

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Hello my friend Chen :)

- Posted by Thundercracker

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I just received a random (essentially pointless) generic Tankpit email from SW - if he’s still the Great and Powerful Wizard of Tankpit Oz - and it brought me here after many years away.
I tried to think of something funny/nostalgic/unique to say here but I must have focused on it too much and anything of value has alluded me. I now feel depressed and defeated - so not much has changed for me at BF/TP. Someone please validate me and pretend to know me. <3 expe

- Posted by expeallidocious

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i am legend has a shiny sword but no life.

- Posted by loser


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Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam!

- Posted by Mickey Spillane