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ENDURANCE & JamesChen - Thanks! It is rewarding. My game has improved since I started but still lots of room for improvement! See yas out there!

- Posted by Special

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Daojie well then even worse. You won't need to apologize to anyone. BLM will get you and have you in concentration camps within the next decade or 2. you will pay for sins of your ancestors you POS.

- Posted by JiminyChen

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Can Yall Say Smokescreen # 1? Nooble you big mad FACTZ please dont kill yourself your 3rd grade lil boys need you to touch them where they poo.

- Posted by Smokescreen


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One hit wonder, why run away when I was shooting singles at you with JohnChen at your side? There was a big raid not too close, and i had like 1/4 fuel right near the center of a 5v1 raid...but you ran away from me with a full tank??? Only then when another orange was hitting me low, you join to shoot me at like 1/10 fuel left... what were you afraid of...? Come on man, that raid you took with 6 reds didnt even last 3 minutes before you quit. Can you last longer in bed please? Such a turnoff.

- Posted by MamaXiangQi

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Also... One hit wonder, you are hoarding your general tank like Voltaic. One easy way to get bullied pretty badly on the field is to run away and not Fight or Die like a man. Especially quitting in the middle of a raid will earn you the #1 spot of "im the biggest sissie" hitlist.

- Posted by MamaXiangQi


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Calm down you weren't gonna get a kill... I emptied plenty and trolled all you non taking blues in the process...
So quit 😭 girl that's what you get for being blue 🤣

- Posted by EPIC 7