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Just because we both chinese you think we the same people? What are you from Alabama or something? you racist trump supporter. Not all chinese look the same, we all look very distinct and have distinct attributes.
You get out skilled in the game and then say it's "Free Kill" but you wouldn't be giving a free kill when a hard hitter like me is on the same screen you nooblet. Learn how to play and stop fighting bots. Red is for scrubs anyways.

- Posted by JamesChen

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From Bluntz,
So ur happy zubzillia fkd u? I didn't pph at all. I chased entire time.... U know what else is a beautiful thing ? I bet my left nut im passed nooble now. If not next few days i will be forsure . can u say its gonna be so lonely at the top? U will never pass ur old tank let alone even get close to me. U know what else is beautiful u will NEVER get ur old tank back that sh*t will be deleted before u ever get close ... No amount of money will buy that sh*t back. Can u say BLUNTZ #1?

- Posted by EPIC 7