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Great tips Solitude, however the point needs to be said that the PPH players who sit at General, never take a raid, never die down, who only PPH with you when you're also a General deserve 0 respect.
I don't care if you have 100, 500, 3000 hours. If you sit there and expect perfect PPH from every player, refuse 1v1v1 PPH (Minion) and never ever contribute anything other than a point sink, then you're part of the problem. I will PPH 1vX at any rank against any other rank lieut+

- Posted by itscake

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Cool with me more discords the better IMO.

- Posted by GeneralSick

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sYm doesn't play tankpit?

- Posted by Myth

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Keeping it 100% real! :O
Not going to lie, I have slowed down in promoting the game. I enjoy playing the game, definitely unwinds me however it's extremely disheartening to throw contests for players and give out free merch to only get talked down to in chat, and constantly be criticized for what I'm doing and most importantly HOW I'm doing it.

- Posted by ArchangeL UrieL

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What people fail to realize is that the reason why people don't play the game is because they have completely looked the other way because of joining a discord filled with people that COPY AND PASTE/ and that don't even play. But that's not it, the kicker is the NEGATIVITY that pushes to good people away.

- Posted by ArchangeL UrieL

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It can be argued that I'm too emotional to I can't take the heat but the REALITY is that it shouldn't BE like that. There is clearly a problem that isn't addressed. It's not the owners responsibility, but it's the communities responsibility to hold each other accountable.
Yet there are bullies in chat, racist remarks being made, a bunch of negativity being spewed out mostly from people that don't even play the game. This is fine but from a GAME development perspective it's horrible

- Posted by ArchangeL UrieL

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Anyways that's my piece.
-ArchangeL Ramiel / UrieL

- Posted by ArchangeL UrieL

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Chen. very exhausting. although i am impressed with how well spoken and grammatically correct you are. but in the words of a white hillbilly boomer, "all asians are smart". right? lol

- Posted by CKPA2020


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SOLITUDE There's a time when I had to turn on MISSILE SHOTS to get PPH. That's when we got PooSies like Wong To and WONG TO ISIS who troll by hiding behind tanks or rocks. They never really shoot anyways.

- Posted by MamaXiangQi