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havent had much time last couple weeks.
ive popped in a few times just to have to end up getting off. ill be back soon. Rock On

- Posted by anunfortunateevent

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@Hustle Tank
I feel like you were trying to write tank names to talk to me. Don't be salty. You were the only available target on the map. Of course I will attack you. Well, there was Voltaic but as expected he teleported and quit the game. (Useful ally right?)

- Posted by Flop

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🤔 how is plot twist, and nachos ahead of me? Both have death medals.... Did you know godfather has the same set but with silver cup🤭? Wouldn't it make sense to have me and him as top 2 then plot twist etc? lmao, you be on some good drugs homie 😄. i also think daddy's award set should be in the top 10 best awards 😉

- Posted by ANGEL OF MERCY