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Archangel. Download discord find tankpit and get at me I might be able to help you a bit.

- Posted by Padme Amidala

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I feel you! I was still playing on dial-up in battlefield when other players were on DTTs, etc.
Even to this day i still have a pretty weak connection. But connection isn't everything. There are a lot of great players with 100+ and even 200+ ping.
The best skill to have is timing. Know when you have to teleport to be able to do it without using (too many) shields. The main thing this takes is practice. I'm still not always consistent and I've played this game as much as anyone.

- Posted by VIOLET


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There is a "How to play" section!
Go to "Play" and then click on "How to play" on the bottom left.
Don't worry. It is really hard to find. But that has all the info on promotion kills, awards, etc.

- Posted by VIOLET

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the "How to play" button is on the game screen right before you enter the game, on the bottom left of the game screen you will find a grey box that says "How to play"

- Posted by SWEET PEA

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Jesse James,
Shut my mouth? Im using the messages the game supplies, if you dont like it... play better or actually just take a raid, rather than turn your duals off and run around collecting armors thats just pitaful...

- Posted by SWEET PEA


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That sweet pea feller sure seems angry!
Buck up little soldier it'll be right as rain before you know it!

- Posted by Pat Garrett